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Overhe(a)rd: Gen Z Farmers and Trump’s Packing Plant Executive Order

In Episode 1, Season 2 of Overhe(a)rd, we look at the future of farming with data about millennial and Gen Z farmers, talk about the nation’s banana bread obsession and examine the latest updates on packing plants, including the POTUS’ executive order to keep the nation’s packing plants open.  

Have you he(a)rd: The latest news in livestock

Gen Z and millennial farmers and consumers may look different on the surface, but they both share some similar concerns, including the idea that farming is under threat and global food insecurity is likely within 20 years, according to The Future of Food and Farming study, released by Corteva Agriscience. 

Gen Z and millennial farmers and consumers also both agree that a critical area for collaboration is to secure the long-term financial and sustainability of farms. And more than 90% agree that farmers will have to adopt innovative technologies and methods to succeed. Listen to more data nuggets below. 

Meat the millennial 

Millennial meat eater Katie shares her cheeseburger strategy, how she’s on point with the current banana bread baking trend and what it’s like shopping during a pandemic. 

“Initially there was kind of a shortage of meat, but since then they’ve been totally stocked,” Katie says. “I’ve bought a couple extra packages of things to throw in my freezer but I didn’t buy an entire case of something.”

Listen to the complete discussion below. 

The main dish

Drovers Editorial Director Greg Henderson shares how the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is responding to President Trump’s executive order mandating that thee packing protein facilities stay open. 

“They’re urging the President and the companies to do everything they can to make sure that the workers are safe,” ‘Henderson says. 

Farm Journal’s PORK Editor Jennifer Shike says the plant slowdowns and closers have put many pork producers in a difficult spot, and many are exploring options. 

“Producers are looking for any options that they have to either slow down growth through diets, move pigs outdoors—something that I’ve been talking with people about today,” Shike says. “Obviously, our modern pork operations aren’t set up that way. So that requires a lot of work to kind of reconfigure but again, our producers are doing whatever they can.”

Henderson and Shike also discuss staffing issues in meat packing plants, how Kansas is working to keep its four big plants operating and how the pandemic may accelerate trends like traceability and labor issues. Listen to the complete discussion below. 


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