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Day Of The Sale - Calves For Sale

Day Of The Sale

On Tuesday morning, you will bring your cattle through our drive through on the north side of our barn. We try our best to keep the line moving quickly to make it as seamless as possible. Our employee who greets you will take your name and address to make sure your check is mailed to the right place. Checks will also be ready to be picked up in the office shortly after your animals are sold through the ring if you choose to stop by.

When dropping off your cattle, let the person who is checking them in know anything that the future buyer might want to be educated on. For example, if your calves for sale are weaned and for how long. Producers that choose to vaccinate their herd get paid a premium so be sure to let us know what shots and how many rounds they have had as well.

We have a vet on site during sale days and they can provide a variety of services for you. For a fee, they can pregnancy test your cattle, test for Trichomoniasis, draw semen from the bulls, provide dehorning and much more. They have an abundance of knowledge to help you with vaccine recommendations to enhance the immune system of your cattle. If they have time after the sale, they can work your cattle that have been purchased before transporting them.

If you are selling a bull and have papers on him, we would love to have them. You can choose to “guarantee” your bull and that lets the buyers know he is good to go back home. We draw semen and test the bulls for trich at the barn. If the semen is good, then the buyer pays for the test, but if the results are bad, then the seller does. Trich test results usually come in the mail in 5-6 days. We ask that the buyer quarantines their bull until we know the results.

On sale day our restaurant is open and they have great food. We welcome you to come eat and watch your cattle being sold.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We want to hear feedback of any kind. All of us at Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction want your experience to be a great one and we want to work with you to help your cattle bring top dollar.