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Fees & Services at the Auction Market

Fees & Services


Here at Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction in Harrison, AR we have a vet on site during sale days. They provide a variety of services including but not limited to the dehorning of animals, vaccinations, and castration. Some of our vet services are listed below.

Pregnancy test cows and heifers: $5.00 / head
Bull semen test: $40.00
Bull trich test: $70.00

Semen results will be ready the day they are tested, but trich results usually take a week. Please keep the bull quarantined until the results are in. If you need to leave him at the barn, reach out to the office staff and we can work something out. Thank you.

Buying Services

At Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction, we understand the desire for top quality meat at the auction market. We also understand that not everyone has land, auction experience, trucks and trailers, and time to get started raising their own livestock. Therefore, we offer a buying service for all of our customers. If you desire fresh beef, we are here to help. For a small fee, we will pick out a choice animal for you, purchase it at auction, and haul it to the processor for you.

All you do is pay us for the animal and pay the processor for his services.

This service is also available for sheep and goats. For more information, call the office at (870)741-6311. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hauling Services

At Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction, we understand there is not always enough time to get your cattle to the auction market. If you need assistance getting your livestock to the barn, we have some great haulers who would love to help. Call the office to find a trailer in your area.


Cattle sold over $300 is 3%
Anything under $300 is a flat $10

Goat Sale Commision is 10%

Other Fees

Livestock Insurance: $0.52
Beef Check-off: $1 / head
Bangs $1 / head
Vet Inspection: $0.20 / head
Yardage: $1.00

We appreciate the customers who reach out to us with any questions. Our desire is to give you top quality customer service. We appreciate your business.