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Cattle Sale Calendar

Every Tuesday at 12 Noon, we begin our Cattle Sale Lineup. We begin our livestock auction with baby calves then move to the feeders (calves and yearlings) sale. Once all the calves are sold, we move on to the heiferettes, pairs, preg-checked cows, bulls, and lastly weigh cows.

The time we begin selling cows depends on the number of calves we have to sell. Feel free to call the office at (870) 741-6311 to ask for an approximate time on the current sale day.

Here at Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction, we make sure to market your cattle to the fullest potential each sale and get you top dollar for your livestock. We know how hard you work to put quality in your herd and we take your commitment very seriously.

We occasionally have Pre-Vaccination (Pre-Vac) sales throughout the year. Pre-Vac sales are sales where the producer goes the extra mile to heighten the quality of cattle presented. The practices farmers utilize are health programs, optional feeding programs, and weaning. Producers castrate their bulls and their heifers are guaranteed open and dehorned. The industry desires these value-added cattle and will pay a premium.

We also hold special cow sales throughout the year. Sometimes farmers have a herd dispersal. Whether they have lost a lease place, sold a farm, or for health reasons etc., we will auction their cattle in addition to our regular sale. During these times, we will post on our Facebook page and put ads on the radio to educate our potential buyers on how many animals we are expecting, their color, age, pregnancy stage and what they are bred to.

We have take-home cows at almost every sale. Some producers will sell some when they need to make a payment to the bank or to shorten their herd. The vet on site will check their stage of pregnancy if the seller or buyer requests so.

If you have any questions about our process, please reach out to us. We want your experience to be great.