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Animal Handling - Bulls for Sale

Animal Handling

At Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction we care about how your cattle are handled when they are in our barn. We want our staff to be knowledgeable on effective ways to handle them which decreases the amount of stress on the animal and also increases the safety of our workplace. Taking care of your animals is a priority at our barn and we go extensive lengths to reinforce our beliefs.

Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction believes in the importance of implementing proper animal handling techniques and practices. We, as owners, managers and employees have a responsibility to follow the best animal handling procedures to protect livestock and employees from injury.  We are LMA certified for Animal Handling by completing employee training.

Two golden rules should be utilized when handling animals at CLA. Number one: slow down and calm down. Most injuries occur when animals are excited or over-crowded. Number two: use common sense and think about the consequences of your actions.

Our gates are all in working order to protect the employees, the ground has good traction to withstand any slipping, and we also have foggers and fans to relive the cattle of stress. We keep alleyways and pens clean and clear of obstacles which helps move the cattle with ease. The animals that stay all night have hay and water and are in larger pens to ensure they have room to lay down.

Since 2005, USDA has prohibited non-ambulatory (downer) animals from being marketed for slaughter. Signs are posted throughout the facility reminding producers and transporters of this regulation. Our employees are informed of this regulation and should never receive animals or attempt to move non-ambulatory animals on to slaughter.

We pride ourselves on taking care of your calves, heifers, and bulls for sale. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our animal handling, please call the office at (870)741-6311. We appreciate your business and would love to hear from you.