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Sheep and Goat Auctions - Pigs Sheep and Goats For Sale

Sheep and Goat Auctions

On the third Friday of every month, join us for our sheep and goat sale at approximately 6 pm. The majority of animals sold are goats and sheep, but there are also buyers for pigs. We start accepting pigs, sheep, and goats for sale that Friday morning unless other arrangements have been made.

When unloading your animals, tell the people who are tagging them if there is anything they might need to know (vaccinations, breed, etc). The more information you can give them, the more we can educate the buyers to fulfill their orders. We put ear tags in each animal for scabies and for an Arkansas ID before they are sold. Some producers pre-tag their livestock. Tags are 50 cents apiece.

During the sale, you can bring your check-in slip to the office and the ladies will gladly see if your animals have sold. Once all of your animals have gone through the ring and been purchased, your check will be ready to print in the office. All checks that haven’t been picked up by the seller will be mailed out that night.

If you are buying, you will also need to come to the office to pay and get your green load out ticket. This is what you give to the load out crew to get your animals to take home.

Come early and join us for dinner at the restaurant or even get it to go. There is plenty of seating for you to watch your animals sell inside the arena. For consignment questions, please call Check Smith at (417) 257-3219. Let us know how many head you plan on bringing if you’re able. That gives us ample opportunity to reach out to our buyers and let them know you are coming. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to marketing your animals.