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Buyers - Cattle Market Prices


Why Buy at a Livestock Auction?

Buying at Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction is the perfect opportunity to purchase additional animals for your farm or ranch at great cattle market prices. At Cattlemen’s, you will be able to see dozens of various cattle options. We have cattle of all ages, breed, and frame come through our pens. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your herd through an experienced livestock auction business.

Why Choose Cattlemen’s for All Your Livestock Buying Needs?

At Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction:

  • We are family owned – Our staff works well together to give you a friendly and professional service
  • We are honest and have integrity throughout all aspects of our business
  • We know the livestock market inside and out
  • We take care of your cattle – We have staff here seven days a week to take care of livestock and we own 104 acres to put cattle on, 5 acres under roof, grass traps, and state of the art foggers and fans
  • We have sellers that bring in cattle from a 90-mile radius
  • We occasionally have special sale options – Pre-Vaccination sales and herd dispersal sales and special cow sales.

What Do I Need to Know for the Auction?

Before the sale, you can review the average sale prices for livestock options by looking at current market reports. By doing this you can see base cattle market prices to keep in mind while bidding. Learn what breed, age, or frame best suite your current needs and head to our weekly cattle sales at 12 pm on Tuesday or sheep and goat auctions at 6 pm on the third Friday of every month.

Register in the office when you arrive to get your numbered sign. Bid on your choice of animals that come through the ring and ask our staff for help if you have any questions during the auction. We follow the current lineup during our weekly cattle sales – calves, feeders, heiferettes, pairs, preg-checked cows, bulls, and weigh cattle. After paying for your newly purchased livestock at the office, you will receive a bill of sale. Show your bill of sale to our handlers at the loading dock and we will help load the animals into your trailers as you see fit.

If you chose to get a calf dehorned or vaccinated, let us know beforehand by calling or stopping by the office. If you bought a bull to be taken home to your herd we will be asking for your signature in the office. This is to ensure that the bull will be quarantined until the Trichomoniasis test results are received.

Inspect your new purchases and grab a bite to eat in the restaurant before heading back out on the road. Please let us know of any questions you may have before the sale and thank you for choosing Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction for your buying needs.