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After The Sale - Livestock For Sale

After The Sale

If you are a buyer, once you pay for your cattle, you can load them. We have a loading chute where you will pick up your animal. You’ll pay for your animals in our office, and receive a bill of sale in return along with a load-out.

You can show the bill of sale and the load-out to our loading crew and they will get your animals to the trailer. It’s always important to carefully inspect and go through your animals to make sure everything looks to be in great condition before and lessen any confusion.

Some buyers have a preference for how they want their cattle loaded and grouped together on their trailers and this gives you the opportunity to make sure your animals are loaded exactly how you need them.

You can load your purchases as soon as they have been paid for, even if the auction is still going on. You just need to back up to the gates on the south side of the barn and we will get the process started. We have an employee at our sale barn all night on sale day to help load out trucks.

We want to make sure the right cattle get loaded on the right trucks and everything is looked after properly. Our handlers will help get your cattle loaded, but if you’re not comfortable backing up your stock trailer, please make sure you either practice beforehand or find someone to help you. Once home, the faster you can get the cattle settled into their new environment, the better.

Some buyers choose to have a calf dehorned or cattle vaccinated before leaving the facility. If this is something you are interested in, please call our office ahead of time so we can make sure we have all the needed materials and allow enough time to get you taken care of.

If you bought a bull that is going to be taken back home to a herd, we will need your signature in the office to ensure that you will keep the bull quarantined until we get the test results back and know that he is trich free. In the rare case that he does have Trichomoniasis, it could be devastating to your herd if he gets in with them. If you need a place to quarantine, just ask someone in our office and we can try to help you. Results usually come back in about a week’s time.

If you are a seller, as soon as your livestock for sale have been sold, your check can be printed. Just come to our office and someone will get you taken care of. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to market your cattle.

If you aren’t able to come by the barn, we will mail checks out the following day, so make sure we have your current address when dropping your cattle off. If you want us to hold your check in the office and not mail it, please let the person checking in your cattle know or someone in the office. We want to make sure you get your check in the most convenient way.

Feel free to come in the buyer and seller area and get some coffee or grab a bite to eat before heading back on the road. We appreciate you choosing Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction and we hope your experience is always a great one.