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Happy Thanksgiving from Our Auction Barn – Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Auction Barn - Cattlemen's Livestock Auction

“Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1

Today we are giving thanks to God for our family, friends and health. Though this time of year can be chaotic, we choose to focus on the most important things in life. To us, the relationships and friendships that we have formed because of this auction barn are truly the most rewarding part. We have had the privilege to meet some of the most honorable people in the cattle industry through our livestock auction. Men and women who are honest and kind, have integrity and are dedicated to the business.

It is an honor to get to meet and serve our local farmers and ranchers. The ones who rise early in the morning, followed by long days and late nights. Rain, snow, sleet or shine they will have a 40-hour work week completed by Tuesday or Wednesday. The ones alongside us in the trenches fighting to keep our rights as farmers. The ones who join us in praying for rain. There is no one like America’s agricultural producers.

Thank you for choosing Cattlemen’s and supporting our small auction barn business. We couldn’t do it without you. This week, when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, I hope we all remember to give special thanks to those who produced the ingredients for our delicious meals on Thanksgiving— and throughout the year!

Giving Thanks for America’s Farmers

By Aaron Putze

They don’t seek attention or verses that rhyme;
Nor features or spotlights, none of any kind.

For farmers it’s not a headline to rise each new day;
Often before sunrise as they get on their way.

They say it’s part of the job to get soaked by rain;
To plow through snow and work through pain.

To move augers and wagons and make quick repairs;
To volunteer their time at local churches, schools and fairs.

They don’t mind working alone, some prefer it that way;
But don’t be mistaken for they have plenty to say.

About markets and weather, soil types and fields;
The status of regulations and a neighbor’s yields.

About rainfall, the stock market and global ag trade;
Barge transportation and the way stuff is made.

They’re focused and driven to get their work done;
Unless a neighbor needs help and then off they’ll run.

They don’t admit perfection because things can go wrong;
Accidents will happen but they make the will strong.

To put in a good day’s work before there is rest;
Continually improving and doing one’s best,

Like innovative ways that protect the water, soil and air;
Being a good neighbor and raising livestock with care.

Of providing more food using less energy, water and land;
And offering choices to meet customer demand.

For these things and more we recognize this Thanksgiving;
America’s farmers and what they bring to living.

Like thousands of food items, many easy to prepare;
Fuel to power vehicles and clothing to wear.

Then there are life-saving medicines, tires and blue jeans;
The sheets on our beds and soaps to keep us clean.

In fact, about everything we need to live, work and play;
Is derived from the work that farmers will do today.

With that in mind, we pause, take stock and remember;
What farmers bring to life as we gather to give thanks this November.