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Cattle Markets Hampered By Season's First Storm

Wide regional variations in prices for fed cattle were found this week and the cash trade was slow to develop. Iowa saw the lowest prices at $101 to $103 live and $163 dressed. Nebraska prices averaged $103 to $104, with dressed prices at $160 to $162. Cattle in Texas and Kansas sold mainly at $106, steady with the previous week.

Cattle feeders also experienced the season’s first winter storm, with feedyards and packing plants losing power for a time. High winds downed trees and sent cattle drifting across the country. Travel was impaired in many areas of the plains. Slaughter rates for the first four days of the week was well under the previous week.

Feeder steers ad heifers sold uneven from $3 lower to $2 higher. AMS reported limited number of yearlings selling steady to $3 higher.

“Receipts were light in the calf and yearling producing area of the Southern Plains this week as a winter storm rolled through making transportation of livestock treacherous,” AMS said. “The Southern Plains had areas of flooding, freezing rain and snow; sometimes all of them in a short amount of time.”

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